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Est. 2006


Who is Kally?

Kally Moorhouse has been working in the beauty industry for many years, specialising in semi permanent make-up and most recognised for her most natural looking eyebrows.  


Creating a bespoke solution for each client, Kally recognises the best style, shape and technique to use, and guides each client every step of the way to determine the best outcome.

Highly skilled in both machine and manual methods, Kally is exceptionally skilled in all permanent makeup effects.  Whether hairstrokes or powder, or a combination or ombre effect, Kally creates immaculately tailored brows, as well as eyeliner and permanent lip blush to add definition and enhance features to her clients' specifications.

Kally is trained in many advanced aesthetic areas and qualified to the highest levels in Beauty (2 & 3), Micropigmentation (Level 4), Laser & IPL (Level 4) and more.


Kally is also trained in Medical Tattooing and specialises in 3D Areola, Nipple Reconstruction.  Having trained with Vicky Martin, one of the world's most highly recognised Areola Micropigmentation trainers as well as Kevin Paul, one of the world's most respected tattoo artists, who's clients include Harry Stiles and Ed Sheeran, she is able to provide incredibly realistic 3D results for patients who have undergone mastecomy and breast augmentation surgical procedures.

What is Semi Permanent Make-up?

Semi permanent make-up is a treatment where you can achieve a subtle make-up look everyday, without actually doing anything. From more defined eyebrows that are usually barely there, to a tint on your lips to make them pop.  All semi permanent make-up treatments are classed as complete after two sessions.

Each session will set the make-up in place, with healing at home and a little bit of aftercare.  Once both sessions have healed you will be set for years!  All we ask is that you return each year for a little top up to freshen up the colour.

The process is very simple and you are informed every step of the way so you are aware of everything. At consultation we discuss colour options, shape and style. We discuss the options available for you and determine how we should proceed.  

The treatment is relatively pain free, with little if any discomfort and many clients take the time to lay back and relax.  When the treatment is finished we will show you in the mirror and run through the important aftercare and at this point some clients will look a little pink, like they have just had waxing done, but most walk away looking absolutely normal.

When the area is healing there is a little roller-coaster of things to look out for.  This is explained during consultation and again during treatment.

What is Microblading?

Microblading, also known as eyebrow embroidery is a skill whereby a cluster of needles, usually many in a row, are dipped into pigments and dragged or stippled across the skin.


Often confused with an eyebrow treated using the 'Hairstroke' style!


This manual method uses no machine to give vibration or depth, simply a highly trained hand and is classed as a semi permanent cosmetic tattoo because the skin is still penetrated with needles and pigment. 

Microblading is sometimes a little more painful than machine but does offer ultra fine hair strokes when implanted and healed when carried out correctly. The vital part of the process is using a skilled artist who is capable of selecting the correct colours, styles and depth in the skin.

Kally is one of the few UK trained Phi Artists, a world recognised microblading academy. Phi Artists are the most skilled Microbladers in the world.

What is the Machine Needle Method?

The Semi Permanent 'Machine' method is where an electric rotary or digital hand piece is used, the needle penetrates the skin moving back and forward at high speed. This movements feels like a vibration during treatment. Different needles and styles can be achieved using this method, from Hair Strokes, a Powder effect, our amazing Hybrid and the popular Ombre brow.

Machine, also referred to as 'Digital' Semi Permanent Make-up, digital units are an electric unit with a Pen hand tool, individual sterile needle cartridges are inserted into the end and clusters of needles move in and out of the skin in the same way a sewing machine works on cloth.

This method is very similar to a traditional tattoo however less power and different pigments are used.

Again machine semi permanent make-up is classed as a cosmetic tattoo, and will last in the skin for years.

The most common misconception with machine is that all eyebrows will be 'Block'. This is incorrect as the most finest of needles the 'Nano' will give hairs as fine and crisp as Microbladed ones. 

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