Scalp Micropigmentation is one of the best non-surgical treatments for hairloss, with little or no downtime, and can be the best solution for the right candidate.


At Scalpetics, we realise that for numerous reasons, there is a requirement and demand for Scalp Micropigmentation Removal and Correction services to both clients and Clinics and our sister company is able to offer the most experienced SMP Removal services available in Europe.

Based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, The Laser Studios is one of the best equipped private Laser Clinics in the UK and is ideally located just half an hour from central London and just a stone's throw from Luton airport, making it easily accessible from throughout the UK and Europe.  


Carl Barton, the head practitioner at Scalpetics and at The Laser Studios is a highly trained and experienced Level 4 and 5 Laser Expert who has benefitted from Scalp Micropigmentation Training by Simon Lane and Paul Clark from Brandwood Clinic in Birmingham UK, and advanced training from both them, and Jonathan Gerow and Erik Roberto from Gerow Hair Ink in New York, USA, four of the most respected Scalp Micropigmentation Practitioners from two of the top SMP Clinics in the world.  This Unique combination of skills and knowledge means he is able to achieve the best outcome for each client.  Using medical grade lasers, precise targeting techniques and a selection of wavelengths along with various spot sizes & power levels, controlled removal & fading can be achieved.  In this way, areas as large as the whole scalp, smaller isolated patches, hairlines, and even single dots can be corrected. This allows for the correction of hairlines and side profiles, the fading of darker areas or spots, & the removal of over-density.

SMP is also known as Hair Tattoo or Scalp/Head Tattooing and the pigments used in Scalp Micropigmentation and Tricopigmentation are not too dissimilar to those used in traditional tattoo and semi permanent makeup and microblading procedures. Because of this, similar laser removal methods can be applied.  When done correctly, Laser removal is the most effective method for SMP removal and correction, and we doesn't aim to impress clients with attempts to remove pigment as fast as possible, regardless of consequences.  Instead, we maintain a safe, responsible removal policy to remove the pigment without damaging the skin on the scalp, so as to give the client the best possible chance of leaving it with no sign the pigment was ever there.    

Scalp Micropigmentation Removal Prices start from just £100 per session for very small areas, hairline adjustments from £150-200, and larger areas such as the whole scalp, depending on size of area.  To find out more, click HERE

A Free Consultation is provided to assess the amount of removal required, answer questions, carry-out a patch test, and to provide information on the treatments, expected outcome, and price per treatment.  

With the use of Lasers, IPL and Cryotherapy, The Laser Studios' practitioners are also able to remove pigmentation, blemishes and lesions caused by sun damage and ageing, as well as skin growths such as warts, moles, keratosis, dermatosis and skin tags to improve the appearance of the scalp.

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Scalp Micropigmentation Laser Removal

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