Hair loss treatments using drugs, and surgery for hair transplant, restoration and replacement provide very effective results for some, but we realise that many hair loss sufferers may initially prefer to explore other non-surgical or drug treatments and products that don't present the same costs, risks, maintenance, downtime, and potential side-effects, before opting for these methods.


We are entering a New Era of Hair Loss Solutions:

New developments in research, technology and techniques, as well as new understanding of the causes of hair loss have led advancements in treatment protocols, products, devices, and procedures, both in clinic, and at home.


Devices for inducing hair regrowth are now proven to produce results and have FDA approval.  The application of established techniques for other treatments are now being successfully re-applied and have shown huge potential in new hair regeneration, and a demand for non-drug products has seen the development of effective organic, mineral and herbal skin and hair products for re-establishing hair strength and skin integrity. 


In particular, programs consisting of a combination of treatments such as Microneedling, Mesotherapy, P.R.P. (Platelet Rich Plasma), L.L.L.T. (Low Level Light / Laser Therapy), and home use of products and devices, along with education about correct dietary and requirements and lifestyle choices can provide greater cumulative effect.

Or, as we like to say, 1 + 1 =3!! 


Our highly trained and qualified SMP Practitioners combine the very latest Scalp Micropigmentation Hair Tattoo Techniques, Natural Pigments & State-of-the-Art Equipment to provide bespoke hair loss restoration solutions for Premature Balding, Alopecia, and a number of hairloss conditions and traumas that result in Thinning and Hair Loss for both Men and Women.

Trained to the highest standards by some of the most respected SMP practitioners in their field, we work with you to understand your

desires & expectations so that we can recreate Natural Hairlines

& Realistic Density, tailored to your individual requirements.

Focusing on two of the most popular Hair Loss Solutions, we specialise in Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) Hair Tattoos, and Hair Regrowth Treatments in the form of Microneedling, Mesotherapy, and Low Level Laser Therapy (L.L.L.T.).  We also actively research and investigate the benefits and results of hair regrowth devices and home hair care and regrowth products, some with amazing results.

The procedures and treatments we offer, both in clinic, and for at home, offer these solutions and

Hair Regrowth Solutions 

We are entering a New Era of Hair Loss Treatment!

Developments in research and technology,

as well as a new understanding of the causes of

hair loss have led to advancements in treatments, products and devices, both in clinic, and at home. 

We offer some of these and are able to consult with,

and provide them to clients who may benefit.